Handball player for life.

Tyree Bastidas: 'THE GREATEST JUNIOR HANDBALL PLAYER"        ...is also USHA all-time record holder & the USHA...                  "GREATEST ALL AROUND JUNIOR PLAYER."



An Inspiring Journey:



Tyree Bastidas from Brooklyn New York became a one-wall world champion at the age of fifteen. He also became the youngest U.S. player to have captured the most National titles in one-, three- and four-wall junior championships at the age of sixteen. His dream to become the greatest junior handball player has become a reality.

His combination of one-, three- and four-wall shots has taken his game to the highest level ever seen, where he cemented his legacy by capturing the most handball records along with the most handball milestones.

A player with limited handball skills in either one-, three- or four-wall handball versions could only climb the ladder of success up to a certain point. T. Bastidas has climbed the highest ladder of them all and captured most handball records no other junior player has.

Bastidas' complete dominance of  the sport in all three handball codes makes him "The most complete handball player" and the only junior player to have developed full potential to achieve the dream to become the greatest "all-around” junior handball player.

T. Bastidas is the only player in the world to have captured world championships with the small and the big ball along with forty national junior and open titles in one-, three- and four-wall championships at home and abroad.                                                                                            A phenomenal player his likes will never be seen again.